Friday, January 13, 2012


It has been  a while since I have written and one of my many new years resolution for this year is to write more!  Life around here has been busy as we welcomed our 4th and final child into the world on November 27th.  So far (knock on wood) he is a fantastic baby, although like all newborns he has spent most of the last 6 weeks sleeping!  The other 3 have adjusted just fine and now that holidays are over and everyone is back at school we are slowly getting back into a routine!

Last week while shopping at Costco, we stopped at the Vitamix demonstration and after much deliberation, great salesmen and all our Christmas money spent we walked away with a Vitamix!  I know a number of people who have them and they all love them.  I like making smoothies (or chunkies if using a regular blender) but the one thing that really sold me was the dry mix container that can grind your own grains.  That was so worth it!  I ground brown rice into flour to use in baking in a matter of seconds.  This will help so much in our goal of diversifying our grains.  I have been using the Vitamix almost everyday since we bought it and so far it is all that it is cracked up to be.  I have made a lot of smoothies, soup (which with the Viatmix not only blends the raw vegetables but can also warm it up), a cappuccino, frozen yogurt (which was fantastic) and hot apple cider (from raw apples - I would never of even thought to put raw apples in a blender before).

I am going to try to post some of the recipes I am making with the Vitamix in the next couple days with pictures but I am waiting on a camera! 

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