Top 10...

This is a list of the top 10 subjects you will find on this blog (in no particular order):

1. Baking - usually with whole wheat flour and reduced sugar and any other way I can make it healthy. I love to bake and to eat it so it needs to be somewhat healthy.

2. Cooking - I love trying new things! Most of my meals are cooked from scratch and again they are healthy.

3. Chemical free cleaning - One of my philosophies in life is to prevent rather than cure! We spend too much time making our lives simpler with 300 plus cleaning products while sacrificing our health and the health of those around us. I clean my entire house without the use of chemicals - elbow grease and lots and lots of vinegar. Vinegar is the best thing!

4. Natural beauty products - More about prevention, really think about all the chemicals that are in all the beauty products we use everyday!

5. Alternative medicine - anywhere from old school formulas to aromatherapy (my newest obsession).

6. All things baby - I love babies and all things that come with them! I love all the super cool gadgets and accessories out there that make my life as a mother simpler. I love to walk so one thing I 'collect' is strollers.

7. Sewing - I love sewing although I am by no means a pro and I don't do it very often.

8. Being an entrepreneur - My husband and I are full of business ideas! We are currently working on a few. I am very protective of our business ideas as it takes a lot of work to start and maintain a successful business and I don't want to be giving away any of our ideas. With that said one business I am will to share with you is my journey of making money online. It is a new journey and hopefully a successful one.

9. Time management - I am a Home Executive (in other words a stay at home mom) and time management is not easy when dealing with 3 adorable lovely children while also trying to keep a budget, a clean house, and have time to just be me!

10. Children - I am extremely protective of my children and because this is a public blog, I probably won't be posting too many pictures of them but will share stories.

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